In the heart of Mexico, in a semi-arid landscape dotted with cacti, our workshop is bustling. For a decade, a small group of artisan sculptors have been shaping obsidian. Their skillful hands tame the raw, rough rock, both hard and sharp, to form homogeneous objects with a perfectly smooth surface. Each of their creations is unique.
How many evenings have we spent with them discussing stones and their passion for their craft!
How many times have we stood in admiration in front of a high-quality piece! We are happy to be able to allow these men to live decently from their art.
Obsidian is a volcanic rock, rich in silica, born from the vitrification of magma. Working with such material is a real challenge and requires a know-how that the Mexicans master like no other people. The technique and its secrets have been passed down from generation to generation, century after century.

During the pre-Columbian era, the Aztecs used carved obsidian, both in everyday life and for the performance of religious rituals.
Even today, it retains a sacred dimension in Mexican culture. In lithotherapy, obsidian, a stone of anchoring and spiritual awakening, is indeed considered one of the most powerful energetic protections.

Throughout the decade of the workshop's existence, we have strived to improve ourselves to offer even better quality on the European market.
However, the rock is capricious. And in the mines of Mexico, high-quality raw obsidian is becoming increasingly rare.
Invisible at first, the defects appear as the sculptor grinds the stone or at the polishing stage. These are inclusions of ash, stains or crystalline irregularities.
The losses are thus considerable. For example, three kilos of well-selected raw rock are needed to end up with a polished sphere of about one kilo.
Artisans have a saying that if they have bad thoughts when they carve the stone, a defect will inevitably appear.